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How to enable mod_rewrite in apache2 (debian/ubuntu)


First install the apache with this command:

apt-get install apache2

Now use locate to find if the is availble on your server:


it will found in “/usr/lib/apache2/modules”

New apache follow some folders to enable and disable mods so now do this:

cd /etc/apache2/mods-enabled
touch rewrite.load
vim rewrite.load (you may use any editor to edit this file)
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Debian – PHP, MySQL, Apache2

This article is a walkthrough on installing PHP environment – PHP, Apache, MySQL and xDebug on Debian.

When it comes to database servers, there are several free database server applications available. The intended use of the database server will have some impact on which database package you choose. MySQL is the most widely used free database server. However, it’s use is primarily to act as a back end database for Web site applications written in embedded scripting languages like PHP because it doesn’t support things like triggers, stored procedures, and replication (yet).

Open a terminal. You will need to install all the parts as root, so… suit up!

Install Apache web server

apt-get install apache2

Install MySQL server

apt-get install mysql-server

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