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Avoiding memory leaks in POSIX thread programming

POSIX thread programming defines a standard set of C programming language types, functions, and constants—and pthreads provide a powerful tool for thread management. To use pthreads to the fullest, you’ll want to avoid the common mistakes. One common mistake is forgetting to join joinable threads, which can create memory leaks and cause extra work. In this tips-oriented article, learn the basics of POSIX threads, see how to identify and detect thread memory leaks, and get solid advice for avoiding them.

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Install ATI graphic card on Debian Linux


There are at least two methods that can be used to install the fglrx driver in Debian. The first, and recommended way is to use the native Debian packages directly from the non-free repository.

Get the packages updates:
sudo aptitude update

Install your kernel headers:
sudo aptitude install linux-headers-`uname -r`

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